Makeweight Gi Blue

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Welcome to the new generations of Gi’s for tournaments.

High performance Gi developed from the feedback of our athletes who want to use a super light and resistant Gi for the tournaments.

The MAKE WEIGHT GI is a 380 gr/m² weight jacket top made of light and strong material. This is a great competition and daily training gi.

Preshrunk for an ideal fit reinforced stitching across all stress points Quick dry and fully breathable.

Developed inside the rules of CBJJ/IBJJF. white belt not included. Product of high quality Brazil Combat. Made in Brazil in a maintainable way, without aggression the Nature with total use and Recycling of the residues.

  • Height | Weight LBS | Size | Gi weight LBS
  • 4'11"-5'2"| 95-115 | A-0| 1.6
  • 5'2"-5'5" | 110-145 | A-1| 1.8
  • 5'4"-5'8" | 140-175 | A-2| 2.0
  • 5'8"-6'0" | 170-205 | A-3| 2.2
  • 6'0"-6'3" | 200-240 | A-4| 2.4